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My name is “Joli3Slays” Iman Jolie and I am a self-taught Atlanta-based Makeup Artist. I fell in love with makeup at the tender age of 6 years old, but decided to take perfecting my craft to the next level 2 years ago. I truly believe that makeup is an art form and a way of self-expression. Two years ago I found myself depressed, lost, confused, and lonely, while living in my college dormitory. I was trying to figure out ways to free myself and my thoughts and I unknowingly turned back to my passion, makeup. Makeup allowed me to express myself in a healthy way and to look better than I felt. What began as a coping mechanism developed into a form of healing. When the word “artist” comes to mind I think of creativity, beauty, emotions, and power. The image that an artist creates can range from what the artist feels to what the artist wants to be, and every “dream” or “vision” is attainable. When I pick up a makeup brush, my desire is that all of my clients walk away with their vision of beauty. With every brush stroke, I take my time and listen to the client's dreams/ desires to create that image for them. To further ensure that my clients feel beautiful, I’ve partnered with an organization entitled “Beauty From The Inside Out”. The organization's mission is to give people the opportunity to not only feel beautiful, but to become whole. I offer my talents and expertise to “Beauty From The Inside Out” the organization for free once a year. I also offer bridal/bridesmaid packages and 1 -on -1 classes. I assure you that when you book an appointment with me you will leave feeling more beautiful than you did before.

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